Photos show Samsung Android Go device with custom interface

The Android Go smartphone that Samsung is working on does not run on stock Android, but like other models of the brand, it has the Samsung Experience interface. However, the Go versions of the Google apps are installed.

Samsung has not yet announced the device, but SamMobile has put pictures of the phone online. It shows that the interface is similar to that of other recent Samsung phones, with the so-called Experience interface.

It can also be seen that there are Go apps on the device, such as Google Go, Maps Go and YouTube Go. So far, manufacturers have only released Android Go smartphones with stock Android, but Samsung seems to be adapting the Android version for budget phones. It is not yet clear how further adjustments will go and whether these also include more than the appearance. The photos show that the device has 8GB of flash memory.

Information about the device came out at the end of June. Samsung would test in countries such as India, Nepal and Sri Lanka with an Android Go smartphone that has type number SM-J260G. The device would also be tested in Europe, but with type number SM-J260F.

Google created Android Go as a lightweight alternative to Android 8.1. The operating system is intended for smartphones with 1GB of ram or less and the intention is that users lose less data on updates.