Photos may show new look and feel of Action Center in Windows 10 Mobile

The MSPowerUser site shows two images, which would show an alternative appearance of the Action Center in Windows 10 Mobile. The documents shown are internal Microsoft documents.

The new design shows a layout that breaks down into actions and toggles, according to MSPowerUser. In addition, the top row of rectangular buttons gives access to functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth and the flashlight. Below that is a row of circular buttons that allow the user to perform certain actions. For example, it is possible to open the camera or connect the device to an external device.

In addition, the document shows a slider to control the brightness of the screen. This can be seen in the images both above and below the action buttons, possibly to show multiple options. According to MSPowerUser, the redesign is likely to be part of the Redstone 2 update, which is expected next year. Until then, however, a lot can still change in the design. There are therefore no indications that these are definitive designs, the text speaks of ‘first visuals’.

Pictures of MSPowerUserI