Photos and video show Vivo Nex dual screen phone with 3d scanner

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Photos and videos have emerged of a Vivo Nex phone with two screens, an LED ring for notifications and a 3D scanner for augmented reality applications. The phone should appear next month.

There are clear photos of the smartphone on Weibo, while YouTuber MrWhoseTheBoss shows a “mysterious smartphone” in a video, where in one of the shots the word Nex can be read on the back. The phone he discusses has two screens, an LED ring and a time of flight scanner for 3D applications. The YouTuber seems to have agreed to secrecy with the manufacturer and may not, for example, show the entire design or tell more specs.

By adding a screen to the back, the front camera is no longer needed; users would be able to take pictures of themselves with the three cameras on the back. It is unknown what the specs and features of these cameras are. The cool scanner can map out the environment and therefore allow a user to try on clothes virtually, for example. The scanner works up to a distance of three meters. It works by sending out laser signals and measuring how long it takes for the signal to return. By measuring time exactly, the software can multiply that time by the speed of light to determine the precise distance.

The Vivo Nex came out five months ago. It wouldn’t be the first dual-screen smartphone. In some models, the Russian Yota combined a normal screen at the front with an e-ink screen at the back. Recently, Nubia also released a phone with two screens. The cool sensor is also on more phones. For example, the Oppo RX17 Pro, from the same parent company BBK, also has that sensor on board.

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