Photos and details of Intel accelerators with Xe HP GPU appear online

Pictures have appeared of two Intel Arctic Sound cards. These are accelerators for data centers with Intel’s Xe HP GPU. The GPU would contain a maximum of 512 execution units and 16GB HBM2E per tile. Intel works on GPUs with a maximum of four of those tiles.

On the photos that Igor’s Lab has published, there are two models. The site also says it has the specifications. The one-tile Arctic Sound map has 384 activated EU’s. This indicates that Intel has partially disabled the GPU in this variant. In the variant with two tiles, Intel has activated 960 eu’s, or 480 per tile.

The accelerators would use HBM2E and feature 16GB and 32GB of that memory respectively. Samsung and SK Hynix started mass production of that faster variant of HBM2 last year.

The model with one GPU tile gets a tdp of 150W and the variant with two tiles is 300W. The latter has one EPS connection, which can supply 225W. The remaining 75W gets the card through the PCIe slot.

Arctic Sound is the code name of the Xe HP GPUs that Intel makes at 10nm. The HP variants are intended for data centers and later the HPC variant for data centers and supercomputers will follow. It is made at 7nm and is known by the code name Ponte Vecchio.

Intel is also working on video cards for gamers. They get Xe HPG variants of the GPU and are also known as the DG2 cards. Intel already released the DG1 with partners, in a very limited edition. It is based on the Xe GPU that is also in Tiger Lake laptops.

Intel Xe data center accelerators
Arctic Sound 1T Arctic Sound 2T Arctic Sound 4T Ponte Vecchio
GPU ATS 1 tile ATS 2 tile ATS 4-tile PVC 16-tile
Architecture Xe-HP (Gen12P5) Xe-HP (Gen12P5) Xe-HP (Gen12P5) 7nm Xe-HPC (Gen12P71)
Execution Units 384 2 x 480 (960) Nnb Nnb
Tdp 150W 300W Nnb Nnb
Memory 16GB HBM2E 32GB HBM2E (2x16GB) Nnb Nnb