Photo shows AMD EPYC 9654 server processor based on Zen 4

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A photo has emerged of an AMD EPYC processor from the Genoa series. These server processors have up to 96 cores and will be based on AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 architecture. A leaker states that EPYC Genoa will be released together with Ryzen 7000.

Image via Yuuki_AnS

The photo was published by Twitter user and hardware leaker Yuuki_AnS, which states that EPYC Genoa is ready for release. The processor in the photo has a model number, EPYC 9654, and is therefore not an engineering sample. The CPU is also placed on a tray, which are usually used to supply a large number of chips. That suggests AMD is already shipping the first EPYC Genoa processors to partner companies, with a full release also close at hand.

Yuuki_Ans states that the processors will appear along with Ryzen 7000. Those CPUs are expected to be announced at the end of this month with a possible release on September 15. AMD previously said that EPYC Genoa will be released later this year. The server CPUs are set to compete with Intel’s upcoming Sapphire Rapids lineup, though those processors have been delayed and are now slated for early 2023.

AMD previously announced EPYC Genoa. The processors will be based on the Zen 4 architecture that will also be used for Ryzen 7000. The server processors will be available with up to 96 cores and 192 threads and support DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. According to previously leaked specifications, the EPYC 9654, which was shown in the photo on Twitter, will get 96 cores and 384MB L3 cache. The CPU would achieve clock speeds of up to 2.15GHz with a TDP of 365W.

AMD previously shared details about EPYC Genoa.

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