Photo of multibootloader on Pinephone appears

A photo has surfaced showing a Pinephone bootloader. With the bootloader it is possible to run different operating systems on the Pine64 smartphone. It is not known whether Android can run on the dualboot.

The photo is put on Twitter by a developer of DanctNIX, which builds mobile Linux operating systems. The photo shows ‘PineLoader’, a bootloader that allows users of phones running Linux to run different operating systems. The screenshot shows SailfishOS, postmarketOS and Huong Tram Linux in addition to Ubuntu Touch, all of which are selectable at launch.

Not many details are known about what the bootloader can do. Users can scroll through the operating systems with the volume buttons, but further technical details are scarce. For example, it is not clear whether an Android operating system can be run alongside Linux via the bootloader.

Danct12 does say that the source code of the bootloader will be made public. He also says that secure boot will not be supported. It is not yet clear when the bootloader will be available. Recently Pine64 made a developer version of the Pinephone available. It is not intended as a daily driver, but to allow users to experiment with the Linux operating system.