Photo indicates that Apple has the Mac Pro partly assembled in China

A photo has emerged of a Mac Pro delivered to a customer in France. That Mac Pro was assembled in China. Apple claimed last fall that it is having its most expensive computer made in the US.

The case of the Mac Pro has a text on the back that reads “Assembled in China,” MacGeneration reports. It’s the first photo of a new Mac Pro shipped to Europe, and it’s unknown if all Mac Pros for the European market will come from China, though that’s likely.

Apple has a lot of hardware assembled in China, but it announced last fall that it will have the Mac Pro made in the US. A later message said that “copies of the Mac Pro are now in production in Austin, Texas, and will soon be shipping to customers in the Americas.” That already left open the possibility that the American factories would not serve the whole world.

The hardware maker had the previous version of the Mac Pro made in the same factory. US President Donald Trump visited the factory this fall, where Apple CEO Tim Cook showed him around. Cook and the Mac Pro then appeared in a Trump promotional video. Apple never said that the Mac Pro would also be assembled in China. The Mac Pro came out last week.

Mac Pro, Assembled in China. Source: MacGeneration