Outlook on the web will support sending emails with aliases next year

Microsoft is working on the ability to send emails as an alias in Outlook on the web. This is currently only possible in the desktop version. The position should be available before the end of next year.

The feature is listed as ‘under development’ in the roadmap for Microsoft 365. This feature also allows users to email from addresses in addition to the primary smtp address. According to Microsoft, this is especially useful in scenarios where people have to email from different job titles or as a team. In the future, senders of an e-mail can choose from a drop-down menu from which address they want to e-mail. A recipient then sees that address as the sender, and can respond directly to that address.

The feature is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2020. By that time, Office 365 will also get a feature called Message Recall. This allows emails that have not yet been opened by the sender to be revoked. Microsoft will also add protection for “reply-all-chains” in the third quarter where users receive large volumes of emails when someone clicks “reply all”.

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