Oppo unveils its own augmented reality glasses AR Glass for gaming

Oppo presented augmented reality glasses, AR Glass, at its own event. The glasses are mainly intended for games and similar applications and therefore have surround sound.

Like many modern AR glasses, the glasses have a fisheye lens to record images in as large a space as possible. The glasses can build up virtual three-dimensional objects in that space with which the user can interact. For example, a demo video shows how the glasses can represent a planet with moons flying around it. The player can walk around that planet. According to PCMag, the glasses use ‘diffractive waveguide’ technology, and the glasses have built-in surround sound. As a result, it seems that the glasses are especially interesting for gaming.

oppo presented the glasses during the Oppo Inno Day, a private event that the Chinese manufacturer is holding in its home region of Shenzhen. Not much information is known about the glasses at the moment. It is unclear when it will be released and what it will cost.