Oppo shows smartphone screen with edges that slope at an angle of 88 degrees

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Oppo has shown a curved smartphone screen with edges that slope at an angle of 88 degrees. As a result, the screen edges on the side are virtually invisible. Oppo calls it a “waterfall screen.”

An Oppo CEO demonstrates a smartphone with the screen on his Weibo page and the Chinese manufacturer also has images on Twitter put. Only the front can be seen. From this it can be concluded that the screen ratio is approximately 21:9. A thin screen bezel is still visible at the top and bottom; the edges on the side are almost invisible from the front.

The device has no visible front camera. Oppo previously demonstrated a camera that is processed behind the screen, but it is not known whether it is in this device. Oppo could also use a pop-up mechanism for the front camera. Oppo does not provide concrete information about when a smartphone will come out with the new screen.

Smartphones with curved screens are not new. Samsung started years ago with curved OLED screens. However, the screen that Oppo shows has a much sharper corner and less visible screen edges. Twitter user and smartphone lover Ice Universe claims that the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Vivo NEX 3 will get a screen with edges this year as Oppo demonstrates. Next year, such a screen would also come to the Oppo Find X II and Xiaomi’s new top model.

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