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Oppo says to stop detecting benchmarks for higher results

Chinese smartphone designer Oppo stops detecting benchmarks to run that app as quickly as possible. The software also has an option to turn a Performance Mode on or off.

Oppo says in a statement that it was not the intention to cheat in benchmarks but to score simulate that matches what happens in games. Because users often touch the screen there, the software gives priority to the game in order to achieve a higher frame rate. This is not done in benchmarks by default, because users do not touch the screen.

The manufacturer claims that the detection of benchmarks was necessary because otherwise it would be possible for malicious software to use a lot of system resources without the user having anything with that app is doing. According to Oppo, the software determines on the basis of tapping on the touch screen, the heat of the device and network activity how fast a game or app can run and how much system resources it is allocated.

In a future update, Oppo telephones also get an option for a Performance Mode so that users can set the mode to get optimal performance on or off. The measures resemble what Huawei promised after being caught cheating at benchmarks

Oppo admitted last week that it had detected benchmarks and adjusted the software accordingly. 

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