OPPO invests billions in R&D and unveils new smart devices

During the OPPO INNO DAY 2019, the smartphone brand introduced a number of new smart devices, including watches, headphones, AR glasses and important technological breakthroughs such as Flash Charging, 5G and image and software optimization.

The event served as a platform for industry experts, partners and key opinion leaders to further discuss the future of technology. According to OPPO’s founder and CEO, Tony Chen, as acceptance of 5G and AI increases, intelligent connectivity will increasingly be within reach. “We believe that the concept of connectivity is only the foundation, while integration and convergence will form the future.”

3 strategies

For the next three years, Chen announced a research & development budget of 50 billion Chinese renminbi, which amounts to more than 6.4 billion euros. The budget is intended for the development of core technologies in hardware, software and systems in addition to 5G / 6G, AI, AR.

OPPO wants to implement three important strategies to exploit the opportunities of 5G. The smartphone brand claims to remain committed to the R&D of leading technologies and will develop a multi-access smart-device ecosystem, with the smartphone serving as an access key.

The AR Glass

During the event, the company announced several smart devices, including augmented reality glasses. The AR glasses from OPPO are called the AR Glass and must compete with the HoloLens from Microsoft. The AR Glass uses a fisheye camera, diffractive waveguide technology and 3D reconstruction. This combination makes it possible to project 3D elements in large spaces. By providing the glasses with 3D Surround Sound, OPPO hopes to create an immersive experience for users. The Chinese company is currently busy developing games, content and other services for the AR Glass, but has not yet announced a release date or selling price.


The market for smartwatches continues to grow and more and more companies want to get their share. OPPO is no exception and comes with their first smart watch. According to vice president Levin Liu, smartwatches will become an extension of our smartphone with many sensors, artificial intelligence and deep learning. Unfortunately, Liu did not want to go into the details. OPPO’s first smartwatch is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2020.