OPPO Announces Wireless Magnetic Fast Chargers Including 40W-MagVOOC

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The Chinese phone brand OPPO comes with a series of wireless magnetic chargers under the name MagVOOC. The range consists of a 40W standard, a 20W charging disc and a 20W wireless power bank. OPPO also shows ‘air charging’: short-range charging without Qi.

The MagVOOC chargers charge phones wirelessly via Qi charging technology and are equipped with a magnet that is attached to the phone. OPPO’s 40W charging standard charges an OPPO Ace 2 phone with a 4000mAh battery in 56 minutes, OPPO promises. Older phones charge at 30W with the stand. It is not known whether they need an additional accessory for this.

In addition to the standard, OPPO comes with a 20W round charging disc, which is very similar to a MagSafe charger from Apple and the 15W MagDart charger from Realme. This drive charges OPPO phones at 20W and can charge other Qi-enabled devices at 10W with battery protection for over/under capacity and overheating.

OPPO’s third MagVOOC accessory is a 4500mAh power bank that magnetically attaches to the back of a phone. The power bank supports Qi wireless charging up to 20W and also has a USB-C port for 10W wired charging. It takes two hours to fully charge the power bank, OPPO says. OPPO showed the three chargers at the Smart China Expo 2021 in Shenzhen.

At the Shenzhen fair, OPPO also showed a concept of “true wireless charging”, writes XDA Developers. OPPO calls the technology OPPO Air and it wirelessly charges batteries at a short distance with a maximum of 7.5W. For this, a device does not have to lie perfectly on a charger, such as on a Qi charger, but can also be placed at an angle or even next to it. OPPO does not say when that technology should be on the market. Also, it has not yet disclosed a price and date for the availability of the MagVOOC chargers.

Not surprisingly, OPPO is launching a wireless magnetic charger after Realme announced a line of magnetic accessories early this month to compete with Apple’s MagSafe series. Realme and OPPO are both part of the Chinese electronics brand BBK. In addition to OPPO and Realme, Vivo, OnePlus and iQOO are also part of BBK.

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