Oppo admits cheating in benchmarks

Smartphone maker Oppo admits that it is cheating in benchmarks. Benchmark makes UL, known from 3DMark and PCMark, removed the Find X and R7 from the database because of the cheats, where the software recognized benchmarks and adapted behavior accordingly.

Oppo detected benchmarks and lifted all limits on performance for normal apps apply, reports UL. This happened with the Find X which came out in the Benelux last month. Tech2 found out after which UL verified the results and arrived at the same results. If the software did not know that it was 3DMark, the scores were significantly lower. The difference is around 40 percent.

Oppo claims that it does not just give benchmarks a boost. Games would also benefit from this mode. It also removes all limits for apps where users tap the screen at least every few seconds. That must offer a good user experience. However, the test with a public benchmark and a private version indicate that the Oppo software has removed benchmarks and treated them differently because they are benchmarks.

The Chinese manufacturer is not the first to be caught cheating on benchmarks recently. Huawei did the same until last month. The cheating in benchmarks has happened more often in the mobile market. Among others, OnePlus, Samsung and HTC were already guilty in the past. All trapped manufacturers have stopped cheating in benchmarks.


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