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Opera starts test with free VPN in Android browser

Opera is going to build a free vpn into its Android browser. The browser maker says that no data is logged and it is possible to disable the VPN. The VPN is now in the beta version of the browser.

According to Opera, the use of the VPN function in the Android browser is unlimited. The company promises a ‘no-log service’ and says it does not collect data. Users can set their location to Asia, Europe, America, or “optimal.”

At this moment the VPN function is available in the beta version of Opera for Android. Users can download it in the Google Play Store. Not all beta testers have access to the VPN, but in the coming period, Opera wants to make the group of testers ever larger.

Opera previously had free VPN apps for both Android and iOS, but they have not been available since last year. Since 2016 there is already a VPN in the desktop version of the Opera browser.

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