OpenNMS – Network Management Application

OpenNMS is a network management application. This application has automated and manual discovery options. OpenNMS includes an event and notification system as well as a performance measurement tool. OpenNMS is an open source application, so there are no maintenance or upgrade costs and you can download, examine, modify and distribute the source code. Able to handle bursts of thousands of events per second, OpenNMS can serve as your central repository for your network; once important events have been identified, then they can generate notices and trouble tickets. All performance data can be graphed to easily identify problem areas within your network and servers. This application uses a configurable alarm management system, so when an event occurs the alarm is raised and a notification is sent across multiple groups of users until it’s acknowledged and addressed. One unique feature of OpenNMS is the remote poller which detects service outage from the client perspective and reports back to the central OpenNMS application. OpenNMS can be used to ensure centrally-hosted applications are always available, and is installed by simply pointing a browser at the central application.