OnePlus R&D department seems to have merged with OPPO

OnePlus’ R&D department has merged with OPPO’s, according to a new rumor. OnePlus does not confirm the move, but does say that “some R&D activities” have been transferred to OPLUS, the umbrella company of OnePlus and OPPO.

DoNews claims that the R&D departments merged in December and that OPPO is hiring new people for the division. OnePlus says in a statement to the Android Authority that some R&D activities will come under OPLUS, an umbrella company that includes OPPO and OnePlus. The move is necessary to “maximize resources and further position OnePlus to grow.”

DoNews claims that the software will remain separate for the time being: OPPO releases phones with ColorOS, while OnePlus has its own OxygenOS. Both are customizations on Android, but the appearance, integrated services, and built-in features differ.

OnePlus has said since its inception that it shares investors and supplier deals with OPPO, under the wing of parent company BBK Electronics. That includes Realme. This has become apparent in recent years from the reuse of designs and parts; for example, the Nord N100 is very similar to the OPPO A53. The recently presented OnePlus Band is a rebrand of the OPPO Band released in China. OPPO now also sells OnePlus phones in its own Chinese web store.