OnePlus 6 can be unlocked with photo of face

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The Face Unlock function of the OnePlus 6 can be fooled with a photo. This is what an ethical hacker Rik van Duijn discovered. OnePlus sees the option itself as an ‘option for convenience and not for safety’, but says to investigate the findings.

Rik van Duijn printed a picture of his own face on an a4 and held it in front of his head. With Face Unlock enabled, it succeeded to unlock the phone after a few attempts, he demonstrates in a tweet . Van Duijn also had a colleague keep the same picture in front of his face and even then the OnePlus 6 was unlocked. In addition, the unlocking also works with a black and white photo according to van Duijn.

OnePlus uses for its Face Unlock function only the camera on the front of the phone and no other sensors. The technique works fast, but OnePlus already notes that it is less secure than a pin code or fingerprint when setting up.
OnePlus spokesman says RTL Z will investigate the findings, but also emphasizes that Face Unlock is an option for convenience. is and not for safety. Whether or not there are measures and an update, is known after the investigation.
Apple uses more sensors for its Face ID technique and is therefore not fooled with a picture, but with a detailed mask.

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