OnePlus 10T breaks in JerryRigEverything test

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The OnePlus 10T has broken in the durability test of YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. The 10T broke at the same point in the housing as the 10 Pro earlier this year, just above the battery and below the camera.

YouTuber Zack Nelson concludes in his video that OnePlus did make changes to the design of the 10T compared to the 10 Pro, but that did not lead to a phone that survives the test. In the test, Nelson tries to break a phone in half with bare hands.

It is not a scientifically conducted, reproducible test. Nelson has been testing smartphones in the same way for years, with the vast majority of phones surviving the test. It does happen regularly that devices are damaged by the concentrated pressure that Nelson exerts on smartphones; for example, the OnePlus Nord’s frame also broke, although catastrophic damage did not occur.

Unlike the 10 Pro, the 10T has plastic sides. The 10T broke when bending with pressure on the rear. With the 10 Pro, this already happened when bending with pressure on the screen, which Nelson invariably does first. OnePlus has not yet commented on the outcome of the test.

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