Okta Acknowledges Customers Have Been Affected by Lapsus$ Attack

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Okta has issued a new statement regarding Lapsus$’s attack on the company’s systems. According to Okta, 2.5 percent of its customers have been affected by the hacker group’s attack. Okta is an authentication platform for companies like Apple and Amazon.

In the declaration Okta admits data may have been leaked from some customers after hacker group Lapsus$ attack. Earlier, the company indicated that no customers had been affected. It would be a hacking attempt from January, in which hackers had only limited access to the company’s systems. The impact now appears to be greater. Okta’s chief of security, David Bradbury, apologized in the statement.

According to the company, customers do not need to take any action at this time. Okta will contact customers whose data may have been leaked or accessed. This would be 2.5 percent of the approximately 15,000 customers that Okta serves. The damage could be extensive if the hackers could also access Okta’s customers’ systems through the company’s single sign-on platform.

Hacker group Lapsus$ is behind the attack on Okta and has posted screenshots online as proof of the hack. Okta has launched an investigation into the hackers’ claim. Lapsus$ writes that it wanted to access the company’s customers through Okta. The group has not yet made any demands on Okta, which it has previously done with other attacks.

Lapsus$ already managed to penetrate Nvidia and Samsung. It was also announced this week that Microsoft has been hit by an attack from the group. The tech giant has since confirmed that Lapsus$ had access to source code from Bing and Cortana.

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