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OECD: 14 ​​percent of jobs may be on the road due to automation

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 14 percent of jobs in the 32 OECD countries are likely to be filled by, for example, robots or other forms of automation.

According to the organization, an average of 14 % of jobs to be highly automated; the OECD speaks of a probability of automation of more than 70 percent. As a result, there is a relatively large chance that these jobs will be filled in by robots, for example. In total, this 14 percent is good for 66 million jobs or employees in the 32 countries together.
In addition, the OECD reports that in 32 percent of jobs there is a risk of 50 to 70 percent that these jobs are covered by the increasing automation is a significant change in the way they are filled in.
There are fairly large differences between the various countries. For example, 33 percent of all jobs in Slovakia can be computerized to a high degree, while in Norway, for example, this is the case for 6 percent of all jobs. In the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries, there are fewer jobs in this category than in Slovakia, Germany and Japan and several East and South European countries. Whether this is the case for Belgium is unclear.
Any loss of jobs will not take place evenly across the entire workforce. In the report, the jobs filled in by teenagers are specifically mentioned as pre-eminently risky. According to the researchers, the relationship between automation and age can be characterized by a u-shape, but the peak among young employees is much clearer than that of older people.
The report compares the figures with an earlier, more pessimistic study. from Oxford University in 2013, which stated that 47 percent of jobs in the US run the risk of being automated. The OECD is holding 13 million jobs in the US

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