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Facebook Messenger receives support for 720p video and 360-degree photos

Facebook Messenger receives support for videos in a resolution of 720p and 360-degree photos. Users must update their Facebook Messenger app to take advantage of these new features.

Messenger users can share their videos in HD resolution directly from the gallery, from the News Feed in Facebook, or from an already existing conversation in Messenger. It is not yet possible to record the videos directly from the app itself.
You can also send 360-degree photos only by uploading the content from the phone’s camera app. Messenger then converts these images so that they are visible horizontally across the entire width; this can be done by moving the image in a sideways movement or by moving the phone.
Both the 720p videos and the 360-degree photos are provided with special icons in Messenger so that they are easier to recognize. . The panoramic 360-degree photos are given a compass symbol, while the video is given a sd or hd mark.
The new functionalities are available for both the Android and the iOS app from Messenger. The Netherlands and Belgium are among the countries where the update is available, but for example in Germany this is not yet the case.

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