Oculus Quest Headsets Get Space Sense Feature and Android Notifications in VR

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Oculus is adding the Space Sense feature to its Quest VR goggles with a software update. In this way, users see objects or people in their VR glasses that penetrate the predefined Guardian. Android notifications are also visible from now on.

Notifications from iOS devices have been visible in Quest headsets since the v29 software and with the arrival of the v34 update, support for Android notifications will be added. When users activate the feature, they will see notifications in VR headset. This works via a link with the Oculus app on smartphones.

Notifications in VR

Space Sense as an experimental feature

Furthermore, Oculus makes Space Sense available as an experimental feature that can be activated via Settings. The function is intended to warn users if an object, person or animal invades their predefined VR environment. The person wearing the VR goggles will then see it, just as usual the edges of the Guardian are visible when the user comes close to them.

According to Oculus, Space Sense is a feature that many users are requesting, and the company says it is actively working on the feature to improve how it works. Oculus asks users to provide feedback on how well the feature works.

New Voice Commands

Oculus also expands the Voice Commands feature with more voice commands. Users can now pause and resume media using their voice in Oculus TV and “some other apps”. There are also voice commands to open the Settings and Move statistics tabs. Furthermore, Oculus says that users can ask simple questions, for example about the weather.

Passthrough ‘experiences’ on the way

Finally, Oculus reports that it is about to release an SDK for the Passthrough API. Developers can use this to use passthrough to create apps. The cameras of Quest headsets are used to show the user the real environment, with virtual elements on top.

Developers could already experiment with this, but with the arrival of the official SDK they can release apps in the Oculus Store and via App Lab. According to Oculus, “experiences” from Unity Labs, Spatial and YouTube VR are coming soon.

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