Oculus launches virtual reality TV

Oculus launches the Oculus TV, where you can watch TV in virtual reality. These videos can be seen on Oculus Go . With the virtual reality glasses you will see a large TV screen in a room that looks a bit like a lounge or living room. You will then look, in a 3D view, for a change to a 2D flat screen.

Videos in VR

In the app you can see videos from various video streaming services, including Showtime, Pluto TV, Red Bull TV and Facebook. With watching TV in virtual reality, Oculus also wants to show that not only games are suitable for VR. In the course of the year, Oculus TV will be expanded with more streaming apps and partners, such as the ESPN network.

Watching TV in VR

Watching television in VR is something else and can be a fun experience. Yet the quality of the image is not nearly as good as a real television. You also can not watch YouTube with the app. In addition, it remains a solo experience. It is not yet possible to watch VR videos together with your friends, but this option will appear later this year. If you already have the Oculus Go, it is an innovative experience. You can at least watch TV without being disturbed by wandering roommates or running children. And you get a second living room!


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