Nvidia’s DLSS will work with Vulkan API and Steam Proton on Linux from Tuesday

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Nvidia will release a new Linux driver on Tuesday that adds support for Deep Learning Super Sampling. Initially, only games that work with the Vulkan API will be supported. DirectX titles will follow in the fall.

Earlier this month, Nvidia announced that DLSS support was on the way for Linux. This works in combination with Steam Proton, the open source tool from Valve with which many Windows games can be played on Linux.

Nvidia reports Monday that a Linux driver will be released on June 22 that will make this possible. For now, DLSS on Linux only works with titles that support the Vulkan API. This includes Doom Eternal, No Man’s Sky and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

In the fall there should also be support for DLSS in DirectX games that run on Linux via Proton. Most games with DLSS support use the DirectX API. In total, more than 55 games now support Nvidia’s DLSS technology.

DLSS is a reconstruction technique that works with the Tensor cores of Nvidia RTX video cards. Games are rendered at a lower resolution and upscaled to a higher resolution. Machine learning fills in the missing details and generally results in frame rate gains, without major adverse effects on image quality.

Nvidia also announces that multiplayer survival game Rust will receive support for DLSS. That will be added on July 1. Necromunda: Hired Gun and Chernobylite have received DLSS support immediately.

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