Nvidia releases hotfix to fix mouse cursor display issue

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Nvidia released a hotfix on Friday that fixes an issue with the mouse cursor displaying after closing games. That issue was introduced with the Game Ready Driver released earlier this week.

The hotfix driver has version number 431.68 and is almost identical to version 431.60 that came out Tuesday, according to Nvidia. That Game Ready Driver added support for the RTX 2080 Super and brought optimizations to the game Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

In the release notes of the Game Ready Driver, Nvidia already reported on Tuesday that it could happen that the mouse cursor would not be displayed correctly after closing a game. According to Nvidia, that problem has now been solved.

Users have previously reported problems with the display of the mouse cursor on the manufacturer’s forum. This would also occur in driver version 431.36. The hotfix may also resolve those issues. Nvidia does not provide any further explanation about the problem.

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