Notebook Web Clipper – Clip Text, Images To Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook (available for Android, iOS and Mac) is a great tool for storing text notes, audio clips, images, etc. Many users find it a very useful alternative to Evernote, OneNote, etc. However, it is a bit difficult to store notes from PC to Notebook, especially when we have to take notes from web pages because there is no native desktop client or tool. Therefore, people who need to save notes from PC to their Zoho Notebook frequently can try Notebook Web Clipper.

Notebook Web Clipper (by Zoho) is a free web browser extension/add-on to clip text, images, articles, etc., to your Zoho Notebook. Whatever you clip, it is automatically added to the Notebook. Thus, you can store content from webpage to Notebook without facing any problem.

You can also capture webpage screenshots and save to your Notebook. Also, it comes with a Clean View option using which you can read the webpage content in distraction free mode. It removes ads and other mess from a webpage and presents a clean view of the webpage.

Once you add the extension on Chrome or add-on on firefix , you will see its icon at the top-right corner. Click that icon and sign in to your Zoho account. New users can sign up to create the fresh account.

After sign in, the Notebook Web Clipper will be ready to serve you. You can use its options as per your needs. Click on the Notebook icon and it will give you the following options:

  • Clean View: As mentioned in the starting, it removes ads from the webpage and presents the relevant matter only.
  • Page Link: Create a note of the URL of a webpage.
  • Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the visible part of webpage in just one click and save to your Notebook.

Here, one more interesting feature is that if you don’t to save a full webpage as a note, then you can also select the content and store only that particular content.

Also, to save images from a webpage, you just need to drag n drop any image on the pop-up of this extension. All those images are stored in the default or in some other selected notebook.

Whenever you need to access all your notes, just open Notebook app and all notes will be in front of you.

Click HERE to visit Notebook Web Clipper web site.
Click HERE to visit install chrome extension
Click HERE to install firefox add-on
Click HERE to install on mac.