Nokia sends data over an lte-advanced connection at 3.78Gbit/s

Nokia, together with the Korean provider SK Telecoms, has tested an lte connection with speeds of up to 3.78 Gbit/s. That is roughly ten times faster than the current common speeds of 4G networks.

In the trial, a total of ten LTE channels were bundled for a total bandwidth of 200MHz. According to Nokia and SK Telecoms, multiplexing the LTE signal can achieve a peak speed of 3.78 Gbit/s, which is enough to send a 5GB video file wirelessly in 11 seconds. Moreover, it is a significant acceleration of an LTE connection: in November last year a Japanese provider managed to achieve a speed of 1.2 Gbit/s with a test setup.

Nokia, which has started to focus more on telecom equipment and technology after the sale of its telephony branch to Microsoft, does not yet know when the lte-advanced technology with speeds of 3Gbit/s and more will become widely available. Currently, most deployed 4G networks deliver a maximum of 150Mbit/s, while in a few places work is being done on lte-advanced networks with speeds of up to 300Mbit/s, such as by SK Telecom. There are also no phones on the market that can benefit from such high 4G speeds.