No manufacturer announced a laptop with AMD cpu during IFA – Computer – News

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Substantiate this with facts, instead of call that it is not right. There are comparable reviews that confirm our findings. The statement in this article is therefore well founded:

HP Envy X360 15
Notebookcheck : Ryzen 5: 398 minutes, Intel i7-8550U: 511 minutes
Hardware.Info : Ryzen 5: 357 minutes, Intel i5-8250U: 526 minutes

Acer Swift 3
Hardware.Info : Ryzen 5 (15 “): 298 minutes, Intel i5-8250U (14”) : 553 minutes
Notebookcheck : Ryzen 5 (15 “): 310 minutes, i5-8250U (15”): 511 minutes

Not mentioned in this article, but a third Ryzen laptop we tested where the battery life was disappointing compared to Intel alternatives is the Lenovo 720S-13ARR . You can also compare the battery life of Intel versions with AMD variants and come to the same conclusion.

Taking off with: that lies with the manufacturer, is really too easy. Ryzen laptops do demonstrably less well in terms of battery life compared to Intel variants. That is not our fault against AMD, it is a shame because more competition is better for everyone, but it is clearly a weakness of the current Ryzen Mobile CPU’s and something that consumers need to take into account.

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