Nintendo Wii source code and datasheets appear online

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A large amount of information about Nintendo hardware and software has been leaked. For example, the source code of the Nintendo Wii has been put online, and previously unseen Nintendo 64 demos can be seen on YouTube. Several old Pokémon designs appeared last month.

Forum users on the ResetEra forum noted the information. The info may have come from a hacked server belonging to BroadOn, the company that developed the Wii’s hardware and software. The leaked information includes the source code and SDK of the Wii’s operating system, IOS, not to be confused with Apple’s mobile OS. Block diagrams and datasheets for all of the console’s components have also been leaked, as have internal plans for Wii implementations dating between 2004 and 2006. The source code of the Wii bootloaders is also available.

More Nintendo-related information has unexpectedly appeared on the internet in recent weeks. For example, several beta designs of second-generation Pokémon came online last week, NintendoEverything writes. An official GameBoy emulator and the source code for Spaceworld ’99 and Pokémon Blue and Yellow have also been leaked.

There are also several previously unseen Nintendo 64 demos on YouTube, including footage of an N64 ROM used to test the console. ResetEra users report that more leaked data may follow in the coming weeks.

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