Nintendo Switch update allows transfer of individual save games

The Nintendo Switch will receive support for transferring individual save games to other Switch consoles with the 8.0 update. Previously, users could only transfer all save and user data in its entirety. The update is now available.

To transfer save games to another console, users must go to Transfer Your Save Data in the settings menu via Data Management, Nintendo reports. The company does point out that the files are not retained on the source system once they are transferred. This addition may have something to do with the new, improved Switch versions that Nintendo is reportedly working on. For example, users could take the progression of their games to an improved console.

Transferring save data is not new, it was already possible with the 4.0 update from October 2017. However, then it was about save games linked to user data. With the 8.0 update it is also possible to transfer individual savegames. In this way, users can choose for themselves which data should be transferred to another console.

In addition to the ability to transfer save games, this update also comes with fifteen new user icons, including from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World. Players can use these icons to customize the profile. VR restrictions for parents have also been made possible. Furthermore, a number of updates have been made such as bug fixes and minor usability adjustments.