Nintendo Switch Online has 26 million customers

Nintendo Switch Online has 26 million customers, 11 million more than at the beginning of this year. According to Nintendo, the release of Animal Crossing is coming this spring. In total there are more than 200 million users with a Nintendo Account.

The payment service is benefiting from the release of popular games, Nintendo says. The Japanese company sees the payment service as a service on top of the Nintendo account and wants to continue that in the long term, even after the release of a new game console at an undetermined point in the future. The number of people with a Nintendo account grew especially after Mario Kart Tour came out. This is a mobile game and can be played on iOS and Android.

The spring quarter was the first time that Nintendo sold more games digitally than on cartridges or discs, Nintendo also said in Wednesday’s management briefing. This is due to the corona pandemic, which made many people want to play games while many shops were closed. In addition, Nintendo announced that the Super Mario movie is still on track to release in 2022.