Nintendo releases new smartphone rpg Dragalia Lost

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Nintendo releases the smartphone game Dragalia Lost this summer. It is an action rpg in a new series. The game is made with the Japanese Cygames and comes first in Japan. A release in Europe will follow next.

Nintendo has put a website online and released a Japanese trailer of the Dragalia Lost. In the video you can see the graphic style and some gameplay moments. According to a description in the Google Play Store, the game gets sixty characters with voiced voices.
The action rpg is released for Android and iOS and will appear in Japan in the summer. When the game appears in Europe, it is not yet known. The game is made in collaboration with Cygames, the developer of Granblue Fantasy. This is a popular smartphone rpg in Japan, the first version of which came out in 2014.

Dragalia Lost is the first smartphone game from Nintendo that is not based on an existing franchise. Previously came Nintendo with Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
Dragalia Lost is also Nintendo’s first smartphone game that was not made in collaboration with DeNa. At the end of last year, all the rumor that Nintendo was looking for more developers to release smartphone games together.


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