Nintendo Lets Switch Users Remap Controller Buttons

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Nintendo has released an update for the Switch that makes it possible to remap the buttons of the controllers. Also, after the update, players can move games and other saved data from the internal memory to an external SD card.

The changes are in version 10.0.0 of the console, which was released Monday evening. With the update, players will be able to customize the console’s buttons the way they want. That remapping works with the Joy-Con controllers and the Switch Pro controller. This is also possible on the Switch Lite. External controllers cannot be remapped. Players can save up to five configurations per controller with the update. So that’s five for each Joy-Con, five for the Switch Pro and five for the Switch Lite.

Nintendo also makes it possible to move games and other data from the internal memory to an SD card. It concerns downloaded software such as games, updates thereto, and DLC. Save data and ‘some update data’ cannot be moved to an external memory, although Nintendo does not write exactly what data it means. The update also includes some other new features, such as the ability to add bookmarks to news articles.

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