Nintendo earns more and more with games than with hardware

Nintendo has done good business with her Switch so far. The latest figures show that the number of sold consoles is still healthy, even though the growth is out. The counter stands at 20 million sold consoles, but if you compare last year with that of last year, just a little less Switches were sold.

Nintendo will not let it down: they now earn more and more money with software and especially in their e-shop, where games can be downloaded and where Nintendo earns more from those sales and microtransactions in games like the popular Fortnite. to sit. Software sales rose from 8 million to almost 18 million in the same quarter. Among other things, this has contributed to the fact that the profit has risen to 230 million euros.

Worries about the future seem unjustified

So these are all fine figures, but investors were worried about Nintendo. The software sales that the company from Kyoto is now showing are very good in that context. For the autumn Nintendo has a new Pokémon game and fighting game Super Smash Bros. Those are just two games, but Nintendo has proven that they do not need many good games to convince people.

Mario and Zelda single handed the first year and besides the big titles, the Switch has now become the console for smaller indie titles that lend themselves well to portable gaming.

A small setback was there for the creativity at Nintendo: Nintendo Labo, the enormous fun designed system with cardboard that players had their own accessories, has sold a fairly meager 1.4 million units.

On the other hand, the revenues from the smartphone games continue to run, because another 68 million euros were still flowing there. That will probably also go up considerably if the already announced Mario Kart Tour will be released on mobile devices. Also came a mountain of money through the sales success of the NES Mini Classic

It is all in all a nice statement from Nintendo: they do not have to mix in the race between Playstation and Xbox to keep a healthy company. Nintendo may not ‘win’ when it comes to consoles, but they keep up perfectly with their alternative approach.