Nikkei: Apple limits iPhone SE production due to disappointing demand

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Apple has cut production of new iPhone SE smartphones by 20 percent, according to anonymous stakeholders. Multiple sources tell Nikkei Asia that there is “weaker than expected demand” for the first SE model with 5G support.

The updated version of the iPhone SE came out just a few weeks ago, but according to the sources of Nikkei does the war in Ukraine affect the demand for the device. Apple has stopped selling products in Russia since early March. In addition to a smaller market in Eastern Europe, the war would also reduce demand for iPhone SEs in other parts of the world. 2 to 3 million fewer iPhone SE devices should be produced in the next quarter.

Fewer units would also be made within the entire iPhone 13 series and an undisclosed variant in the Apple AirPods lineup. The most recent iPhone has to be made several million times less this quarter. The total amount of AirPods produced would be reduced by about 10 million units over the whole of 2022. In both cases, according to the sources, this has nothing to do with an unexpectedly limited demand; for that hardware, it would be a seasonal or at least foreseeable decline in demand.

Apple iPhone SE 2022

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