Nightdive Studios Shows Seven Minutes of System Shock Remake Gameplay

Nightdive Studios has released a new gameplay video of the upcoming System Shock remake. In the seven-minute video, the player character explores the Research area of ​​the Citadel space station.

Several gameplay elements are reviewed in the video. The combat is slow and the player character feels sluggish as a result, as it was in the old games from the 90s. There are also plenty of images of exploration, environmental hazard, puzzles and inventory management. The video ends with a fight against a large robot, which can take a lot before it loses.

The System Shock remake began life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. It hit 150 percent of its $900,000 funding goal. With that, the majority of the stretch goals were also achieved. Then, over the course of development, according to Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick, several ambitious additions to their vision of the new System Shock were added that allowed the project to grow beyond the team’s head. After a short break and adjustment of the goals, the team continued development.

Like the original game, the System Shock remake centers around an anonymous hacker who wakes up on a space station after six months of sleep. On board, murderous robots, cyborgs and mutants have taken over. The artificial intelligence of the SHODAN space station is the culprit. The hacker must regain control of the space station by fighting and hacking past the enemies.

System Shock is set to release for PC this summer via Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, and Amazon Luna. The game costs 37.99 euros. At the same time, Nightdive Studios is working on an Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, which should, among other things, add VR support to the game. Finally, Otherside Enterainment is working on an all-new System Shock game.