Nextcloud 12.0.12 / 13.0.7 / 14.0.2

Updates have been released for versions 12, 13 and 14 of Nextcloud. With this program, it is possible to run cloud storage in-house. Nextcloud arose after a large number of developers at ownCloud have run away and started again. All components, including enterprise functionality, are offered as open source and the earnings model is equal to what Red Hat does, namely providing paid support for large customers. Nextcloud also promises a so-called drop-in replacement, which makes it possible to easily switch from ownCloud to Nextcloud. The release notes for this release can be found below.

Time to upgrade: Nextcloud 14.0.2, 13.0.7 and 12.0.12 are here!

Today we have made available security and stability updates to Nextcloud 12, 13 and 14. These aim to improve the stability, security and reliability of your server. We restrict minor updates to bug fixes and minor, non-intrusive improvements, because both home and enterprise users need to know that these upgrades are safe and reliable. Customers can rely on the stand-by upgrade support from Nextcloud GmbH if needed

As there are many new and updated apps, remember: up to date means more secure. Update your apps regularly, too!

Improvements in this release

Nextcloud 14.0.2 brings a little under 40 changes, and improved design. 13.0.7, having become quite a mature release, introduces only a boxes small fixes

The list of changes in Nextcloud 12.0.12 is even smaller. As it is nears the end of its public support cycle, we strongly recommend users to migrate to Nextcloud 13. If you are still on Nextcloud 12 and want to continue to keep your data secure, request access to the Long Term Support service or Nextcloud GmbH for further security and stability updates.

You can find a full overview of changes in our changelog.


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