New Sony Bravia TVs have Netflix Calibrated Mode

Sony comes with two new television series under the name MASTER series. These new models are the flagship of the 4K HDR BRAVIA TV line-up. The AF9 OLED and ZF9 LCD TVs produce high quality 4K HDR image quality via the new Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. This processor plays a key role in the production of a true-to-life image. Through the experience in developing professional cameras and displays, Sony has the know-how when it comes to signal processing.

Picture Processor X1 Ultimate

This knowledge was used in the design of the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. This processor can intelligently detect and analyze every object in the image through Sony’s new Object-based Super Resolution. This results in a very accurate and detailed image. The Object-based HDR remaster has also been updated, making it possible to remaster each object individually for more depth, accurate texture and a more realistic image.

With these models, Sony aims to match the image quality of a professional monitor in a film studio. Thanks in part to a very accurate production process and strict quality control by the engineers, the MASTER series offers the highest possible image quality in a home set-up.

Netflix Calibrated Mode

And especially for the MASTER series Sony introduces Netflix the “Netflix Calibrated Mode.” This unique feature has been specially developed to improve image quality to guarantee as intended by the producer.

By selecting this option in the menu, Netflix Calibrated Mode automatically reproduces the image display. Users optimally enjoy TV series, films, documentaries and other programs on Netflix .

The MASTER series is also ready for CalMAN, the image calibration software from Portrait Displays. CalMAN is used by professionals as a tool for quality control in content production