New Redstone 5 Build Windows 10 Includes Dark Theme For Explorer

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17666 for the upcoming Redstone 5 update to testers of the OS. The version includes improvements for Sets and the clipboard. The explorer is given a dark theme.

The dark theme can be applied via the personalization settings in the explorer and is also there for the context menu and the Common File Dialog, which appears when opening and saving files. Microsoft warns that the current view still contains some light parts, but that this should change in the future. Earlier this year, there were already indications that the explorer would get a dark display and with version 17666 of the Redstone 5 build of Windows 10, that feature appeared. Insiders in the Fast Ring can get these.

Clipboard copy and paste now spans multiple devices, a feature that was originally supposed to come to Windows but was delayed. The online synchronization immediately makes it possible to retrieve the history of items on the clipboard, for pasting past copies. The new clipboard can be opened with WIN + V.

Microsoft has also made the bar at Sets semi-transparent. Sets allows you to bundle multiple apps as tabs in a window. The sound of Sets tabs can also be turned off individually and a preference can be set to open apps and sites as a tab or new window. With Alt + Tab, all tabs of the Edge browser can now be shown in the overview.

The update also includes Notepad’s previously announced update with Unix-like line breaks, and the Notepad now includes the ability to select words and let Bing search for them online. Furthermore, the preview view when searching for apps and files has been expanded, so that Windows already provides information about what is searched in the search window. Finally, the update includes the ability to name folders in the Start Menu for bundling live tiles.