‘New iPhones get better co-processor for determining location and movement’

Apple’s new iPhones, which are expected to be announced Tuesday, will receive a better version of the Motion co-processor from current iPhones, according to MacRumors. The new processor would use more sensors to track the phone’s location and movements.

MacRumors relies on data from an internal version of iOS 13. It would appear that Apple plans to add a new co-processor to the new A13 soc, known internally under the names ‘Rose’ and ‘R1’. would stand. It would be a successor to the M-series co-processor that not only uses a compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer and microphones, but also extracts data from the use of inertial measurement unit, camera sensors, ultra-wideband and bluetooth 5.1. . Bluetooth 5.1 specifically concerns the angle of arrival and angle of departure function, which makes it possible to detect the direction of a bluetooth signal.

This extra data would not only allow the new co-processor to better determine where the device is, but the chip could also merge the sensor data to find lost Apple Tags. In addition, the new processor would also contribute to the processing of the data for ARKit’s people occlusion function, in which augmented reality objects are realistically placed in front of, behind and around people in the room.

Earlier there was also a rumor that the arrival of another co-processor for the new A13-soc is assumed. This co-processor should relieve the soc during calculations for, among other things, AR and computer vision. Computer vision revolves around systems that gain insight into the environment through the camera for, for example, object recognition, tracking and positioning animations on the camera image. More will probably become clear on Tuesday, during an event where Apple is expected to announce at least new iPhones.