New iPhone update solves annoying iOS 13 problem

iOS 13 has already received the necessary updates, but unfortunately it is still full of bugs and problems. For Apple reason to again release an iOS update: iOS 13.2.2. And this software version solves a frequently heard iOS 13 problem.

iOS 13: problem with closing apps

Many users suffered from a problem where apps running in the background are unexpectedly closed. Especially in Safari, YouTube and other media apps, this was a nuisance.

For example, if you watch a video and pause it to send an app in WhatsApp, chances are that the app will reload when you return to YouTube. You have lost sight of the video that you were watching.

Recognizable? Apple would have fixed it in iOS 13.2.2. To install the update, open the Settings app and go to “General> Software Update”. The iPad has also received this update: iPad OS 13.2.2. This contains almost the same problem solutions.

More bug fixes and improvements

In addition, the software update resolves more issues. For example, a problem with the cellular connection, where the iPhone is temporarily unable to connect to a network after a phone call. A problem with e-mail messages that became unreadable has also been resolved.

IOS 13.2.2 Troubleshooting:

  • Solution for an issue where apps running in the background were unexpectedly stopped.
  • Solution for an issue where the iPhone temporarily lost its connection to the mobile network after a phone call.
  • Solution for an issue where mobile data was temporarily unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue where Exchange accounts replied to email messages that were encrypted with S / MIME.
  • Solution for an iOS 13 problem where single sign-on with Kerberos in Safari could lead to a request for authentication.
  • Solution for an issue where charging was interrupted with accessories that work via YubikKey Lightning.

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