‘New iPad Pro keyboard gets trackpad’

Apple is currently working on an iPad Pro keyboard with a built-in trackpad. In this way, the iPad Pro is increasingly becoming a fully-fledged laptop replacement.

iPad Pro keyboard: trackpad added

Apple currently has various Smart Keyboard variants in its range: you click them on various iPads through a magnetic system. Last year, the iPadOS operating system was released for the iPad, which gave the iPad mouse support. Very handy, because typing on a physical keyboard and at the same time operating the screen with your fingers feels far from intuitive. The mouse support would pave the way for a keyboard with trackpad.

Insiders claim that at least one of the prototypes has capacitive keys – that feel like mechanical keys, but work with sensors. The final product probably looks very much like the current Smart Keyboard Folio and is made from similar materials. The layout of the keyboard is similar to that of the MacBook keyboard.

iPad Pro 2020

It seems that Apple will hold a keynote next month, which will include the iPad Pro 2020. The biggest innovation is said to be a triple camera. That would be a logical timing for the introduction of this new keyboard. Another logical moment for the launch is September when the next version of iPadOS will appear. Mouse support is now far away in iPadOS tucked away at the Accessibility Options (read our article about this This is how you control the iPad with iPadOS with the mouse). Perhaps Apple will make it easier if the update appears soon.

If Apple puts a keyboard with a built-in trackpad on the market, that means bad news for manufacturer Brydge. He announced at the CES tech fair this spring to launch a similar product, the Brydge Pro +. The images in this article also relate to this Brydge keyboard and the presale has already begun.