New iOS 12 version resolves recent leaks that allow bypassing locking

With the recent iOS 12 updates, version number 12.0.1, Apple has not only fixed iPhone XS loading problems but also made two methods for a lock screen bypass unusableThese were recently demonstrated by a researcher

In the patch notes of iOS 12.0.1, it is mentioned that it concerns two leaks, with the characteristics CVE-2018-4379 and CVE-2018-4380. According to Apple, the first method allowed an attacker with physical access to an iOS device to gain access to the sharing function from the screen. The second method made it possible to view photos and contacts on a locked device under the same conditions. Apple thanks ‘videosdebarraquito’ for the discovery.

Videosdebarraquito is a YouTube channel that is in the name of researcher Jose Rodriguez. He recently demonstrated the lockscreen bypasses there . In both cases, this involves a complicated procedure with many different steps, in which the researcher uses Siri from the lock screen and the VoiceOver function.

It is not the first time that iOS is dealing with a lockscreen bypass; that also happened in earlier versions. Also for Rodriguez it is not the first time that he discovered such a vulnerability, he did that, for example, iniOS 7 . The new version of iOS came out on Monday and resolves load problems with the iPhone XS and XS Max.