NetMarketShare: Windows 10 has overtaken Windows 7

Windows 10 has overtaken the nearly 10-year-old Windows 7 in terms of market share on desktop PCs and laptops, according to the December 2018 statistics from NetMarketShare. Windows 10 would now run on almost 40 percent of all Windows systems.

The market shares of Windows 10 and the still popular Windows 7 were already close together in October and November, but in December the turning point would have taken place, according to the figures of NetMarketShare . According to the service, Windows 10 has a market share of 39.22 percent of all Windows systems, compared to 36.9 percent for Windows 7. Probably the adoption of Windows 10 by the business market has caused the turnaround. IDC noted a switch to Windows 10 by business users earlier last year

Incidentally, the Windows 10 Windows 7 catch-up action, according to a competing service from NetMarketShare, StatCounter, took place a year ago. According to statistics from that service Windows 10 now has a Windows market share of 52.7 percent, against 35.55 percent for Windows 7. The deviation is most likely in the different way of measuring, but the services give here little details about it. NetMarketShare uses browser data from ‘one hundred million sessions per moon, distributed over thousands of websites’. StatCounter uses tracking code which would be installed on more than two million sites worldwide and which would register billions of pageviews on a monthly basis.


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