Netflix is ​​well on its way to release 1,000 Original Series this year

Netflix has previously announced that this year it was going to work out with its own films and series. In total, about 700 Original Series would be released.

But the streaming service is fast on its way to break that number. Ted Sanders, chief content officer at Netflix, recently indicated that it will break the 1000 series by the end of 2018.

To their own Original Programming, they count series that are produced in-house, such as Stranger Things and House of Cards but also series of which they purchase the license of other studios, such as Orange is the New Black, and The 100.

Original Series

The heavy push of original content is partly because it is increasingly difficult to buy the right licenses for some content and also because companies like Disney started setting up from a private streaming service .

According to Netflix itself, more than 90% of all Netflix members regularly watch original films, series and documentaries. For this year there are still 470 series on the program to be released.

2018 on Netflix

Are there any shows or films that you are looking forward to? The third season of Stranger Things for example;)