Neighborly 2.0 – Local social network advocating neighbourhood co-operation

Neighborly connects local people with each other, helping everyone get more out of – and give more back to – their neighborhoods and local communities.

The app uses geo-location technology to place users in virtual neighborhoods at the touch of a button, instantly connecting them to other people nearby and ensuring their posts and comments are only visible to those local to them – i.e. within a few miles, as well as allowing them to exchange private messages between each other.

The integrated user interface with both a map and a feed makes visualizing your local area and interacting with your neighbors super easy – you don’t have to create a neighbourhood forum or anything like that, we take care of all of that for you, which means the app is available to use anywhere in the world. You can search your local area for people by name or by anything on their profile, such as “gardening services”.

The Neighborly app is a quick and easy way to get a message or request out to other nearby households, but also encourages support and cooperation within local communities, both from an altruistic perspective and a commercial one.

For example, one of our early users, Nathan, frequently helps out his neighbors with their shopping free of charge when they post requests asking for it, but he also offers, receives bookings and takes payments for his painting and decorating services directly through the app, receiving ratings and reviews after he finishes each job.

Whether they’re chatting about dog walking or finding recommendations for a decent plumber, people all over the world are building up their local networks, discovering the best of what their neighborhoods have to offer and supporting local businesses by using the Neighborly app.

We believe in harnessing the power of local communities by creating an easy and fun platform for nearby households to interact on. The app was conceived in February 2020, originally to help the founders’ local community in East London keep each other informed amid the confusion at that time, but after it launched it quickly started being used further afield and for a wider variety of reasons. Our aim is now to become the largest and easiest to use neighborhood network in the world.  Click HERE to visit the website.