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NeDi – Net Monitoring Tool

NeDi is a LAMP application that regularly walks the MAC address and ARP tables on your network switches, ccataloguingevery device it discovers in a local database. NeDi can be a very useful tool in corporate networks where devices are moving around constantly.

You can log into the NeDi Web GUI and conduct searches to determine the switch, switch port, or wireless AP of any device by MAC address, IP address, or DNS name. NeDi collects as much information as possible from every network device it encounters, pulling serial numbers, firmware and software versions, current temps, module configurations, and so forth. You can even use NeDi to flag MAC addresses of devices that are missing or stolen. If they appear on the network again, NeDi will let you know.

NeDi integrates with Cacti to some degree, and if provided with the credentials to a functional Cacti installation, device discoveries will link to the associated Cacti graphs for that device.

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