NBMiner bypasses Lite Hash Rate throttling of RTX 30 GPUs on Linux and Windows

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NebuMiner has released NBMiner v41.0. The new version of the crypto mining software bypasses the LHR limitation of Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards. Recently, NiceHash already circumvented that limitation in its QuickMiner, but NBMiner is also available for Linux.

According to the makers of NBMiner Operation has been tested on driver version 512.15 for Windows and 510.60 for Linux. Compatibility issues may occur with other driver versions. Previous LHR modes, which partially removed the limitation, have been removed from the software.

It is not known how NebuMiner was able to circumvent the LHR restriction. NiceHash, which was the first to do this with its QuickMiner software over the weekend, also didn’t disclose how it did it. It is also unknown whether the two makers of crytpomining software have collaborated.

A Twitter user confirms that lifting the restriction works on HiveOS. That is a Linux distribution meant for mining rigs. NiceHash’s QuickMiner only has a Windows client.

Nvidia introduced the LHR restriction on new RTX GPUs early last year. Due to this limitation, video cards are less efficient at mining ethereum, while the gaming performance remains the same. The manufacturer wanted to improve the availability of video cards for gamers.

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