Naughty Dog is investigating performance complaints for PC version of The Last Of Us

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Naughty Dog says it has heard concerns from PC players of The Last of Us Part I and that developers are actively investigating multiple reported issues. The PC version of The Last of Us was recently released and many players are complaining about performance and crashes.

Naughty Dog says on Twitter that there will be multiple updates and that the developers will prioritize updates. The mentioned issues will be improved in upcoming patches. It is still unclear when the first patch will be released and which problems it specifically addresses. The Last of Us PC port came out on Tuesday and was made by Iron Galaxy.

Naughty Dog reports that it is currently investigating several issues, including the loading of shaders, which in practice is taking much longer than expected. It also looks at performance degradation and stability issues that occur during the process of loading shaders in the background. Furthermore, the developer says it’s looking at a potential memory leak and an issue where the game won’t launch on hardware that meets the minimum system requirements.

On the Steam page of the game there are quite a few negative reviews from users. A variety of issues are reported, ranging from those mentioned by Naughty Dog to random crashes, high VRAM usage, and frame rate drops. A video is shown on Reddit of a glitch involving the characters getting soaked without any reason. In general, the PC port can be characterized as a relatively heavy game that requires relatively good hardware for a good graphical display.

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